The future is here (revisited)

24 Oct 2013

While Mikko continues the vocal recording sessions for the upcoming releases (The Occlusion + Impenitence EP), I am quite busy writing new material for the next release. This album seems to be heading into a more orchestral(ish) direction so far, with plenty of fast drums and guitars. Slightly like a combination of the industrial atmosphere of Posthumanism and the relentless speed of Frozen Machine. All the while trying some new things too!

In the excitement of writing, there's actually four almost finished demo songs, with a 5th one in progress! It seems to be an inspirational time of year, hehe. I'm also testing out some more intricate drum lines, taking inspiration from Deep Beneath drumming. This one will be out sometime in the second half of 2014.

Working titles: Predictable End, Oceans of Steel, Internal Poison, Proximity, Synthesize A World

New website online!

17 Oct 2013

As you can see, the new site is now active, and there's a whole lot of new content to see. The studio reports for all albums are back with new info in some of them, there's a huge amount of new photos, including some never-seen-before footage of album recording sessions and promo pictures. Check out also the biography, which now features a very detailed full biography of the band up to recent months!

For stream fans, all of our albums can now be streamed in full through Vimeo, which you can also see in the videos section of the site. And finally, the webshop has gone a full makeover and you can now check out snippets of each album right here, and easily buy the CDs and digital versions from multiple places.

The Guestbook now features admin comments, where we can answer your questions.

Enjoy, and look forward to the new album and EP coming very soon!

Artwork revealed!

23 Aug 2013

The artwork for the upcoming releases have now been released, for your viewing pleasure!

Vortech 2013 releases

Look forward for the release quite soon...

Vocal recording has started!

3 Aug 2013

Starting from today, Mikko has become busy with recording the vocals for the upcoming album, The Occlusion, with Teemu Miinala, who also recorded the drums and vocals for our previous release Devoid of Life! The recording session will first concentrate on the full length album, after which the vocals for the accompanying EP will be recorded.

Can't wait to hear the results :)