Promos sent out

15 Oct 2012

The majority of the Devoid of Life promo discs have now been sent, so expect the reviews to appear during the next weeks/months! The discs were sent out to almost all continents, naturally, so keep your eyes ready and your ears tuned in, hehe. We will also post links to all online reviews we find or receive, so no need to hunt for them :) That is also related to one upcoming addition to this website - a chance for everyone to review the albums quickly and easily!

Back to more rehearsing! ;)

Devoid of Life, now available for purchase on CD!

3 Oct 2012

Get yours while the stocks last! You can buy the CD anywhere in the world through here:

14,99 USD / 12 EUR

Devoid of Life

The bonus tracks, only on the CD, are as follows:

10. The New Creations (Live in Rovaniemi 2010)
11. The Institution (Live in Rovaniemi 2010)
12. Shattered Cities (Live in Rovaniemi 2010)
13. The Core (Live in Rovaniemi 2010)
14. Evolutionary Project (Live in Raahe 2009)
15. Neurovirus (Lost Control Remix by Vortech)
16. Demon In the Circuitry (Demo)
17. Shattered Cities (Demo)

And why not make yourself comfortable for the winter too? Buy a nice Vortech hoodie, or a t-shirt, along with the new CD :)

A whole lot of new Vortech merchandise is now available! Winter is coming soon, right? So get yourself a nice Vortech hoodie ;) And for sure you enjoy great music? Buy the CD too! Right over here:

Devoid of Life, on CD, with tons of bonus material!

18 Sep 2012

So, Devoid of Life will be available as factory pressed CD very soon! With a ton of bonus material, exclusive to the CD! -- 5 live tracks, a new remix of Neurovirus, and two original demo tracks from the Devoid of Life sessions! Get ready and hang tight! October seems to be the lucky month!

Devoid of Life

Another new demo posted!

7 Sep 2012

Get your taste of the spicy dub at SoundCloud and enjoy another demo track for the new electro album coming out in the near future!

Merchandise also in Bandcamp (worldwide!)

6 Sep 2012

We just added our merchandise to Bandcamp, from where you can also buy the CDs, t-shirts and such from anywhere in the world! Free shipping, still! Check out the initial offer of the first 3 albums in physical CD form, the Sidebar t-shirt, and the digital high quality download of Devoid of Life, our latest album!

Opening offer at Bandcamp