Another rehearsal video

3 Aug 2012

Results of the sessions

31 Jul 2012

The rehearsals went well and the songs are starting to work well! Here's some pictures and a video from the sessions (more to come later):



Practical Rehearsals

29 Jul 2012

We just had a nice weekend of rehearsing with Ville and Mikko in Kemi, and so far we have a good selection of songs going well. We will continue rehearsing throughout the autumn and look forward to playing live!

Some pictures and videos will be posted in the upcoming week.

Making of Devoid of Life

10 Jul 2012

Here's pretty much all video material there is from the sessions. The material is from summer 2010, from the main guitar recording sessions. Only a couple of extra leads were recorded later. Unfortunately there is no material from the bass, drum and vocal recordings. Enjoy seeing the riffs in pure form, hehe ;)


10 Jul 2012

I am currently uploading the official "videos" of the songs from the last two releases, Devoid of Life and Infocalypse EP, to our Youtube channel. Now you can listen to Vortech in HD quality even on the fly! You can check them out here: