Future, Part 2

27 Sep 2016

After the quick peek to the future a while ago, it's already time for another! Yay!

At the moment, the grand total is 24 demo songs, of which about half have demo guitars at the moment, and 6 will get an electronic treatment next.

We should soon be at the point where we can start to post demo songs for you to vote on!

More future coming your way

2 Aug 2016

As mentioned in our Facebook page (Vortech @ FB), there will be a public vote for which songs to include on the next album. The voters will of course be able to listen to all the demo songs (23 so far) and decide the favourites :) But this is a bit further into the future, once the demo songs are finished. Perhaps there will be a minipage just for this with a comment section too.

A look to the future

20 Jul 2016

The machine is ever moving forward, and you can hear some roars in this video clip:

There is no album title yet, but there are a lot of songs done/in progress already. Some of them might be familiar from FAWM, but those tracks will be of course tweaked to suit the style. Here's the working titles in alphabetical order:

Actuator Heart
Aural Disconnect
Binary Evolution
Cybernetic Warrior
Filtered from Existence
From Biodeath to Persistence
Hinge Upon Devastation
Manipulation Gear
Photon City
Revolution Mechanism
Source Corrupt
The Cybernetics
The Evolved Ones
The Fading Humanity
The Flesh Responds
The Thought Machinery
What Makes Us Cyborgs

Yes, it's quite far in the process already! The release will probably land somewhere in early 2017 or so, depending on how the vocal recordings will go.


16 Jun 2016

The brand new reissue of our 2012 album Devoid of Life is now available! You can get it here:


Devoid of Life 2016

This release is completely mixed again from scratch and features a modern hard-hitting and sharp mix. And also some tweaks and tricks here and there. The tracklist has also changed with Lost and Unveiling the Future switching places for a slightly more interesting flow!

Enjoy the emptiness!

Now in Youtube too:

A few songs from the upcoming Devoid of Life re-mix

29 May 2016

As mentioned, there will be a new version of Devoid of Life later this year, where all the songs have been completely mixed from the ground up for a sleek modern production. The drums are re-built as the originals are not available. The drums also feature some changes and they are more like the way we have been rehearsing them. Enjoy!