Vocals & Other

3 Oct 2010

Matti has requested some more time to rehearse the vocals for the album, so the recording has been postponed for a while. So, meanwhile that will give me the opportunity to continue on the second little thing I've planned for the 10th anniversary of Vortech. It will be an album not like the normal anniversary compilation or re-recording, but something quite different indeed!

What it is, is a complete reworking of many Vortech songs released so far. I have first chosen a selection of 16 tracks from the history of Vortech, and then I have decided a completely different music genre that I will use as a guideline for the remaking of each song :) In every case, completely different than what the original was.

Once this special release is ready, you will hear, for example, a black metal version of Apoapsis Mentis, a lounge/orchestral version of Humanity: Static, a dubstep/industrial version of Evolutionary Project, a jazz version of Terra Ultimatum, drum & bass version of The Core, a dark ambient version of Biodroid Legions, and many many more equally interesting remakes! And maybe a few surprises too...

And as a final bonus, here is a quick sneak preview on what is to come! ;) Enjoy!

Evolutionary Project (Debased World Order Remix by Vortech)

Vocal recording

17 Aug 2010

The schedule is starting to take form. If all goes well, the vocals for the next album will be recorded in the beginning of September! Hopefully the album will be in release form by October or November.


11 Jul 2010

The lyrics are now, for the most part, finished for the main release. The next step is to arrange them to suit the songs: the flow, the rhythm and so on. Once that is finished, we're ready to start recording them! But before that, we have a gig to prepare to, and you will hear three new songs at the show, plus two songs which we've never played live yet. So it will be a fun show with lots of new things. See you there!

Some delays

7 Jul 2010

Seems like I caught a sore throat, so recording the demo vocals has been delayed for a while (1-4 weeks). Meanwhile, I'll continue writing the remaining lyrics. Most of them are already finished, but I won't mark them in the list below until I have an mp3 with the demo vocals. I'll also rehearse for the upcoming gig in Rovaniemi, at Grande on 23 July.


16 Jun 2010

Now it's time to work on the lyrics! This is, of course, a much slower process. But it shouldn't take too long, as I intend to have the album out before October. Hopefully much earlier, though :)

[x] The Black Rite
[x] Neurovirus
[x] Shattered Cities
[x] Demon In the Circuitry
[x] Frozen Machine
[x] Lost
[x] Unveiling the Future
[x] The Apocalypse
[ ] Grains of Reality

And another one for the EP tracks:

[ ] Charcoal Earth
[ ] Chaos Dimension
[ ] Pyre of Souls
[ ] Wire Synapse