Plans for 2016

4 Feb 2016

So the year has started off and some of you might notice it's a special year! It marks the 10th anniversary as Vortech, and it's also the equal anniversary of our first full length!

This year will have two special releases:

1) A brand new mix of Devoid of Life, which has been requested every now and then. It is actually already done, with some small tweaks left to do, and then it will be released as a digital-only version. More news on that soon!

2) The motherlode: A "Best of" type of album consisting of COMPLETELY re-recorded AND newly mixed songs spanning all albums, except for Devoid of Life, which will have a new mix, as mentioned above, and the newest album ...of What Remains. There will also be some minor changes to the songs here and there, based on how we have rehearsed and played live. The songs from our electronic album, The Occlusion, will be re-written as traditional songs with drums and all. The plan is to have Mikko record all the vocals, but we'll see if there's any guest vocals...

The re-recorded album has a working title of "Refactored" and the plan is to have the following songs in chronological order - the actual release will probably have them in a mixed order, almost like a new album.

Mind Awakening
Sycophant Gods
The Core
Evolutionary Project
Instigate Hostile Reaction
Radiant Storm
Biodroid Legions
Destined to Fall
The New Creations
Shedding the Flesh
Charcoal Earth
Sparks of Ignition
Below Radar

This will be an exciting project for sure! All the songs will feature a very pristine modern production and with upgraded synth sounds etc.

And of course there's some new demo songs being done here and there for the next full length album. The album will probably be ready in 2017, though.

Stick around!

Several reviews for the new album!

19 Nov 2015

There have been several reviews for the new album so far, and here's a list of them:

Spirit of Metal, 18 / 20

Deaf Sparrow, 4,5 / 5

Imperiumi, 7 / 10

Metalliluola, 8- / 10

Modern Metal Blog

Lords of Metal, 80 / 100

Riffs from OWR!

24 Oct 2015

There's a new video showcasing riffs from our new album. Be sure to check it on fullscreen, as it is up to 1080p Full HD :)

The CD is now available!

25 Sep 2015

The shipment has now arrived and we can start sending out all the new CDs. In case you were waiting for it to become available, you can order it from our BandCamp page:

Here's some pics...

CD Of What Remains
CD Of What Remains
CD Of What Remains