Several reviews for the new album!

19 Nov 2015

There have been several reviews for the new album so far, and here's a list of them:

Spirit of Metal, 18 / 20

Deaf Sparrow, 4,5 / 5

Imperiumi, 7 / 10

Metalliluola, 8- / 10

Modern Metal Blog

Lords of Metal, 80 / 100

Riffs from OWR!

24 Oct 2015

There's a new video showcasing riffs from our new album. Be sure to check it on fullscreen, as it is up to 1080p Full HD :)

The CD is now available!

25 Sep 2015

The shipment has now arrived and we can start sending out all the new CDs. In case you were waiting for it to become available, you can order it from our BandCamp page:

Here's some pics...

CD Of What Remains
CD Of What Remains
CD Of What Remains

Release the Album!

18 Sep 2015

The album has now been released and you can get it from our BandCamp, and it will soon be available in streaming services Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon Music!

Enjoy another fine release!

Now in Spotify!

It is now available in iTunes!

Also in Google Play:

And in Deezer:

At Amazon Music:
Amazon Music