Vortech in the Studio, Video 1

7 May 2010

So here's the first of several videos that will come as the sessions progress. The series will describe what's going on right now. These are posted within minutes of filming, so no fancy edits or things like that :) Hope you enjoy the insight!

Final tweaks

6 May 2010

Okay, the songlist is starting to form up and with two more songs dropped, this album will be one mean and tight kicker! With the four songs dropped in favour of intensity, there might be a separate EP that features those four non-album tracks, since they're still quite good songs too.

So far the album is looking to be like this:

1. The Black Rite (4:13)
2. Neurovirus (3:21)
3. Unveiling the Future (3:42)
4. Shattered Cities (3:57)
5. Frozen Machine (4:02)
6. Lost (3:58)
7. Wire Synapse (3:58)
8. The Apocalypse (5:15)
9. Grains of Reality (5:44)

38 minutes and 9 seconds in total. To the point with direct action ;)

Preparing to record!

4 May 2010

It's once again that time of the year ;) This week, I will prepare the projects for recording all the guitars and bass tracks. The recording will take place next week, after which it's time to start writing the remaining lyrics. During the preparation phase, I will make Guitar Pro tabs of the songs too, as usual. I will also post some pictures and progress reports of the session, so keep checking here once in a while this and next week!

In total, 13 songs will be recorded, but two of them will not be on the album. The usual case of not fitting in with the structure. I'll see what will happen with them, maybe bonus tracks on the CD-R release (this summer!)...

Song by song for the next album

2 May 2010

Chaos Dimension
Thrash riffage with a build-up for the chaotic chorus. I think I once described the song as Arcturus goes Testament.

Charcoal Earth
Energetic opening, with a melancholic verse slightly in Need for Speed II soundtrack style. End-time song and mood.

Demon In the Circuitry
The first song that was finished. Quite dark and driving, with an uplifting slightly egyptian chorus. A hard-hitting electronic interlude.

Frozen Machine
High-speed black metal with lots of electronics. You can hear the demo version on our Myspace page. Maybe even slightly orchestral, but highly dark in the chorus.

Grains of Reality
Dark electro. Slightly ambient but very expressive. Ulver? Even darker. Will most likely be the album ending song.

Some more black metal, this time a bit more straightforward. Still some dark melodies and a bit of speed. The kick drums really take advantage of being a machine ;) Something like 364 bpm...

The first song to be played live from the album. Kind of Meshuggah-ish. Electronics, low tuning and some tricks. A really fun song.

Pyre of Souls
Perhaps a small homage to mid-90's Waltari. It's actually made out of riffs that didn't fit the past two albums, but still sounded good. This time they did, when combined. Get your butt movin' and groovin'!

Shattered Cities
Very industrial, with sample-based drums and electro beats. Quite dark overall, part of this song was going to be in a fully drum & bass type of song. Eventually the song developed into this one. New Breed?

The Apocalypse
Very slow doom metal with synths and a piano. Haunting and eerie with a highly fitting title. Perhaps the last song on the album.

The Black Rite
Probably the album opening song. High-paced and energetic, with a nice mood. Very melodic chorus, with sudden black metal changes.

Unveiling the Future
Punk/Hardcore? With a slight blackish touch, â­¡ Zyklon, but really something I haven't heard before anywhere. No blastbeats! ;)

Wire Synapse
Slightly fast with more hardcore things and electronics. Maybe a little SYL-like chorus, but darker. A lot of space synths in Darkspace style.

Will the album be called "Devoid of Life", time will tell ;) The artwork has progressed well. Once all the changes are complete to the demo songs, it's time to select which songs will be on the album. Not all of them will be.