23 Aug 2009

Okay, there's now some pictures from the Liminka gig at our Facebook page: Vortech @ Nuorisoseura, Liminka, Finland, 2009-08-22

Thanks to Masa for the pictures! More pictures are coming later on...

And that brings another point. I'm slowly starting to create the next version of the Vortech website, and this time the picture gallery system will be more functional from the admin-side, and should allow pictures to be added faster for everyone's viewing pleasure! (and 25 other updates, but that's later on).

Back from Liminka

23 Aug 2009

What an excellent event! Everything worked so well and the audience liked the music. That's all you need for a good show! Now it's time to concentrate fully onto songwriting, and preparing for the next Vortech album! This time it will probably take slightly longer, and perhaps the album will be released late summer, or early fall in 2010, but that's just a guesstimate. Maybe it will be ready sooner, or later?

Vortech on Youtube

18 Aug 2009

I've started to upload all the Vortech releases to Youtube, where you can access them through the official Vortech channel at the following address:


Enjoy the music, and remember to listen in HQ!

T-shirt competition!

14 Aug 2009

I'm going to do a t-shirt print for Vortech and I'd like to know which design everyone would like. So, select one of four designs at Facebook and post a comment. I will select one random person from the voters and s/he will get one shirt (any size) for free! Time to vote! ;)

http://tinyurl.com/msjehv (at Facebook, where must be logged in).

The competition runs until 31 August 2009, or until there's at least 10 votes!

The poll is now available in Myspace too!

Myspace Blog

Okkult Tupos Attakk: Liminkvlt

11 Aug 2009

Okay, the festival is pretty certain now. We will be playing there, along with:

Forensic Hardcore
Northern Discomfort
Running Amok
Silent Threnody
Unit 731
Ŭymyst򼢲 />
The location is the Nuorisoseura at Liminka (Krankantie 1), and the tickets will be 5 EUR. The day is 22 August (saturday). See you there!