Okkult Tupos Attakk: Liminkvlt

11 Aug 2009

Okay, the festival is pretty certain now. We will be playing there, along with:

Forensic Hardcore
Northern Discomfort
Running Amok
Silent Threnody
Unit 731
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The location is the Nuorisoseura at Liminka (Krankantie 1), and the tickets will be 5 EUR. The day is 22 August (saturday). See you there!

Gig (reprise)

23 Jul 2009

Okay, it seems like there will be a gig on 22 August, but more info later... Let's hope it won't suffer the same fate :) Our setlist will be a bit different compared to the previous gig. But come see the show and hear ;)

The location is Liminka.

Liminka Cancelled

27 Jun 2009

Unfortunately the organizers have cancelled the event, so naturally we will not be playing at Liminka either. Hopefully we'll play there some other day, as it seems that they're still trying to make the show happen at a later date.

In other news, I'm soon going to start composing material for the next release. I'll see how the composing progresses. There may be two different releases at the same time depending on a few things.

Liminka unsure

16 Jun 2009

It looks like the organizer is having some financial issues, so the gig may or may not happen. I'll post more information once I get some news from them.