Posthumanism, пожалуйста!

16 Apr 2009

Download it while it's hot! (direct link, 87 MB):



1. Posthumanism
2. Xenomorphosis
3. Destined to Fall
4. Humanity: Static
5. The Wolves
6. The New Creations
7. Lifeline
8. Afterworld
9. False Salvation
10. Transcendence
11. Shedding the Flesh

47 minutes of extreme drumming, tricksy riffs, twisted melodies and electronics, for your 21st Century listening pleasure!

All the music and instruments are by me, and main vocals by Kraken. Also remember to check out the studio diary here:

Posthumanism Studio Diary

And finally, we have a gig coming up in Oulu, Finland at Club Lupi on 12 June 2009, so if you're around, come and see the show!

Enjoy :)

Are you ready?

15 Apr 2009

Are you ready?

Preparations underway, images are offline for a few minutes...

Second vocal session!

14 Apr 2009

Alrighty, we resumed recording today and we managed to finish 2 more songs fully! That leaves just two songs for tomorrow and then we should be all done! Hopefully there will be something special on release day, but we'll see...

Oh yeah, and there's been a small switch with vocal mics, since Mikko (Relativity) managed to somehow break Tero's SM57 (!) after the first recording sessions. It's a very sexy T.Bone CD 55 :D Doesn't sound too bad, though. Almost 1:1 with the 57.

Don't look into the mouth of a gift horse..

7 Apr 2009

There's one final new addition at Myspace before the album release. The entire song Transcendence as an instrumental version. Have fun...