Almost there!

30 Mar 2009

I just finished mixing all the songs for the next album! Now all I need are those remaining 4 vocal tracks and then I can release it. Let's all cheer for Kraku to finish them ;)

Some server errors

27 Mar 2009

It seems that MBNet is having some sort of problems with their server, so the promo/studio pictures, album artwork images, and the download for Deep Beneath aren't working right now. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

Everything's back to normal.

Delay for vocals

21 Mar 2009

Unfortunately there's been a delay for the vocal recording sessions, and they will resume in mid-April. Meanwhile, I'll finish the final mix for the album for the other songs, so the album should still be out in April, if all goes well.

Front cover, version 1

8 Mar 2009

Here's the first version of the front cover. Maybe it will change, maybe it won't. I'll see later, but meanwhile...

Click for bigger version.