Lyrics progress

2 Feb 2009

Okay, I'll add another progress tracker for your viewing pleasure. I'm taking my time with the lyrics instead of rushing through them, so the progress can be slow.

LYRICS - Afterworld
LYRICS - Bleak Expectations
LYRICS - Humanity: Static
LYRICS - Mastermind
LYRICS - Posthumanism
LYRICS - Shedding the New Flesh
LYRICS - Synthetic Life
LYRICS - The New Creations
LYRICS - The Wolves
LYRICS - Transcendence
LYRICS - Xenomorphosis

And once again, the titles are still the working titles. Once all the lyrics are done, I'll post the final names.


Rehearsal weekend

1 Feb 2009

This weekend was spent in the rehearsal space and things went pretty well. We played through the set a few times and also recorded the second session. It's not very good quality (a single condenser mic in the middle of the room), so I don't think it's going to be released anywhere.

In the gig front, I've been asking around and so far at least one gig is fairly sure, and another will most likely happen too. More news will come when things move forward.

Pictures added, videos to come

20 Jan 2009

You may have noticed that I added pictures to both Myspace and the Pictures section on this site. I will post a rough video compilation later on, but it will probably take a while. Nothing more to report at this point, but we'll most likely have a rehearsal session this weekend with Matti. Maybe this time we'll have a bit more clips to post.

All guitars and bass tracks are now on tape!

18 Jan 2009

I just finished recording all the bass tracks for the 11 songs in about 3,5 hours including a dinner break :D Not too shabby. Okay, now that all the instruments are on tape, I can start working on the lyrics over the next month or so. I'll try some different things this time and maybe Matti will do some lyrics too. I'll post some pictures and videos from the session some time later too. Gotta go through them first and make a nice compilation.

Album recording progress

8 Jan 2009

Just like last year, here's a todo-list and indicators for the guitar & bass session:

TAB | GTR | BASS - Afterworld
TAB | GTR | BASS - Bleak Expectations
TAB | GTR | BASS - Humanity: Static
TAB | GTR | BASS - Mastermind
TAB | GTR | BASS - Posthumanism
TAB | GTR | BASS - Shedding the New Flesh
TAB | GTR | BASS - Synthetic Life
TAB | GTR | BASS - The New Creations
TAB | GTR | BASS - The Wolves
TAB | GTR | BASS - Transcendence
TAB | GTR | BASS - Xenomorphosis

The names above are working titles, not final.