All guitars and bass tracks are now on tape!

18 Jan 2009

I just finished recording all the bass tracks for the 11 songs in about 3,5 hours including a dinner break :D Not too shabby. Okay, now that all the instruments are on tape, I can start working on the lyrics over the next month or so. I'll try some different things this time and maybe Matti will do some lyrics too. I'll post some pictures and videos from the session some time later too. Gotta go through them first and make a nice compilation.

Album recording progress

8 Jan 2009

Just like last year, here's a todo-list and indicators for the guitar & bass session:

TAB | GTR | BASS - Afterworld
TAB | GTR | BASS - Bleak Expectations
TAB | GTR | BASS - Humanity: Static
TAB | GTR | BASS - Mastermind
TAB | GTR | BASS - Posthumanism
TAB | GTR | BASS - Shedding the New Flesh
TAB | GTR | BASS - Synthetic Life
TAB | GTR | BASS - The New Creations
TAB | GTR | BASS - The Wolves
TAB | GTR | BASS - Transcendence
TAB | GTR | BASS - Xenomorphosis

The names above are working titles, not final.

Starting the new year off

5 Jan 2009

I just uploaded a third new instrumental demo song to Myspace. The song has the working title Xenomorphosis. Enjoy:

Oh yeah, and everything's ready to start recording the final guitars and bass for the next album! I'll start the sessions tomorrow, and I'll do some updates as I go. This will take about a week or so, since I also tab out (text and Guitar Pro) the songs at the same time. Once the instrument tracks are finished, I'll start working on the lyrics.

End of the Year

30 Dec 2008

Well, I'm now setting up the final recording project files for each song and I'm ready to start recording the guitars and bass for the next album. Shouldn't take too long anymore. The final tracklist is also forming up, with only some minor changes in a few places.

And as usual, here's my Top 10 albums for the year. If you haven't heard these, give 'em a listen. Really nice stuff, at least for me:

01. Opeth - Watershed
02. Darkspace - Dark Space III
03. The Amenta - n0n
04. Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God
05. Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe
06. Gojira - The Way of All Flesh
07. Arcana - Raspail
08. Black Comedy - Instigator
09. Misery Index - Traitors
10. Qntal - Translucida

And as for gigs, I've got a few threads running and we'll see how they work out. There's also going to be a gig at a festival in Liminka, and they're threatening to make us the headliner ;) Should be fun then.

Have a nice year now.

No more CDs from The Ground

17 Dec 2008

Okay, just to inform you that The Ground is no longer selling CDs. From now on you can only get digital music at their store. And for some reason FLAC has stopped working there.

In other news, I'll start recording the final tracks for the next album sometime next week.