Preproduction almost finished

9 Dec 2008

Alright, I've finally chosen which songs to include on the album and now it is time to go through their project files and finalize the songs, especially the drum programming. There's 11 songs in total, clocking in at about 48 minutes in length. The premise (and sound) is quite futuristic, but I need to finish the lyrics before I can tell more about the story.

This baby is a lot faster than Deep Beneath, and colder in that Demanufacture or Tonight's Decision way. The sound is more space-y with often multilayered melodies. We'll see what comes to be when the vocal arrangements are done...

Here we are!

1 Dec 2008

Finally the site is back! And as you can probably see, with a brand new disguise. Anyway, I finished up one of the incomplete songs (The Wolves) by adding a completely new kickass evil chorus and a nice, fast-paced second riff. Now the song definitely kicks ass, should be a fun live song. So that leaves just two songs to splice and dice, and then the album will be ready for recording! Maybe even before giftmas...

Some updates

30 Nov 2008

There's a bit of a hassle at the domain side of things, so you can't see the new site yet, but it is done. I'll upload it in a few hours, but the domain won't probably be fixed until tomorrow.

And in other news, I think I'm done writing songs for the next album. There's 11 finished songs at 48:20 and two incomplete ones that I need to arrange + one extra electronic/industrial one that may also be our intro tape at live shows. So it should be interesting. The songs are quite a bit faster and more melodic compared to Deep Beneath, and I think the vocals will also have more variety, since Matti has been learning some new stuff.

Anyway, I think I'll start recording the songs near the end of this year and then start working on the lyrics as usual. Then it's time to record the vocals, probably in February or March 2009, and from there on it takes some time to finish the mix and then do a CD print.

See ya.

Important news!

19 Nov 2008

The distributor that I used to sell Vortech CDs is ending business at the end of this year, and because of that I've made some very special price changes for Vortech albums (CD, mp3 and FLAC) at the site. If you wish to buy the albums and support us, now's your chance to get the albums at the following prices:

CD - 7,99 EUR (10 USD)
Full mp3 album - 1,99 EUR (2.5 USD)
Full FLAC album - 1,99 EUR (2.5 USD)

So, be quick and order while there's still stock available (not many left!).

North America / Worldwide:

European Union countries:


Update 24 November
Well, looks like they aren't quitting completely, they'll just stop selling CDs. They'll still keep the mp3 and FLAC stores open. I'll keep the discount prices until mid-December, when they stop shipping CDs.

The new website is almost finished, should be online by the end of this week.

Setting up a new server

16 Nov 2008

You might have noticed that you can't access this site through the domain I'm currently setting up a new server for the site, and it will be located at the same address once it's finished. Right now it's unavailable for a while, but you can still access the site at this location:

After the switch, there won't be a address anymore, so remember to update your bookmarks! The site will be fully at the domain, ie. if you go to the releases page, it will be at and not anymore.