Downloads offline

2 Nov 2008

The FTP server I use for the downloads has been taken down until 15 November for a big update, so you can't download any music until then. I'll try to find another server if possible. The forum is also offline, since it's on the same FTP.

Update 15 Nov:

Ah well, looks like they still haven't returned.

One more review

27 Oct 2008

In Finnish, again: Now there's only a few slow reviewers left to do their bit, and then all the reviews have been posted.

First rehearsals

24 Oct 2008

Alright, today we finally had our first rehearsals with the band. After some fumbling we started to get somewhere, and with a little bit more rehearsing we'll be in good shape for some live shows. We'll rehearse twice more this weekend, and here's a full song from our rehearsals today. Have fun with Their Contract:


Review on new Sue magazine

16 Oct 2008

You can read it in Finnish here (pages 32 - 33):

And I've recently started working on the next website layout :) And as for demos, there's now 10 complete demo songs clocking in at a little over 42 minutes, but I'll keep on making more songs until the end of the year. Then I'll start going through the arrangements, songs and so on to finish them up and decide which songs will be on the album. Lyrics will most likely be done around late December to February, and then I'll start recording.

Strange review

10 Oct 2008

Well, here's certainly a strange review of Deep Beneath: The reviewer basically quotes half of the covering letter and then tells you that he really doesn't know anything about this genre of music :) Ah well, maybe it's a different angle then. The strangest part is that the same site just had Psycroptic, Gojira and Vader reviews...

Oh and in other news, I've recently done a few more demo songs (Bleak Existence & Shedding the New Flesh) for the next album, plus started to work on a fully electronic song too. I'll see what will come of it, but it should be interesting nevertheless.

Woops, make that three new demo songs :) Just finished a song called Synthetic Life, with lots of melodies and tricky rhythm guitars.