Vocal recordings to begin

9 Mar 2015

Everything is now ready vocal and lyric-wise, so we can begin recording the final vocals for the new album! Hopefully everything goes smoothly, and thus we are one step closer to release.

Demo vocals being recorded

28 Jan 2015

It is now the moment to record the demo vocals for all the songs! Simply to see if all the lyrics work, and if there's any fine-tuning to do. Then it is time to record the final vocals! Getting closer to release...

Finishing up the lyrics

17 Jan 2015

The majority of the lyrics are now done, and it's time to do some final polishing to a fine edge! After that, it's time to record the demo vocals and prepare for recording the vocals for the album!

And not only that, the planning of the next album has also started! Mostly the concept, style and preparing the demo projects for composing songs. But the priority is of course on releasing the album we have been working on right now.

Lyric progress

19 Nov 2014

We are still busy writing the lyrics for the new album, toying around with some new styles and subjects (hello, Snow Crash...). Meanwhile, there is already a preliminary mix for the songs, which sounds quite excellent! The mix sounds a bit like Posthumanism with the deeper guitar tone of The Occlusion.

Recording... done! (conditions may apply)

20 Sep 2014

Yep. Another album, another one day to record all bass parts! 10 songs done and thus the tradition continues, hehe. Now that all the stringed instruments have been recorded, it's time to start writing lyrics and doing some demo vocals. Once all those are done, it will be vocal recording galore! Hopefully everything goes smoothly, and we can progress to recording drums and release this baby for all you to hear!