The new album has been released!

6 Mar 2008

Today marks the release of Deep Beneath, the latest installment of the Vortech saga. Enjoy a dark release with heavy Lovecraftian undertones set in a futuristic world about to come to an end.

There will be a 100 pcs CD print of the album this summer and maybe some t-shirts too, so hang tight for those if you prefer a hard copy :)

Deep Beneath (2008)
Deep Beneath class=

Download the FULL album here: (64 MB)

01. The Awakening
02. Biodroid Legions
03. The Undying Storm
04. Shadow Shapes
05. Retribution
06. Bewildered
07. Deep Beneath
08. Subjugation
09. Exile Within
10. So They Rise

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen. Released on 6 March 2008. Mixed and mastered by Juha Untinen in March 2008. Recorded by Juha Untinen at Liberty Street Studios, January 2008. Vocals recorded at Siwa Studios, February/March 2008. Personnel: Juha Untinen - guitars, bass, programming and vocals, Kraken - guest vocals [1-3, 5, 6, 8-10], Mikko Nurmos - guest spoken vocals [8]

Enjoy ;)

Update: the album has been downloaded over 200 times in 4 days!

Mixing session

6 Mar 2008

I'm currently mixing the songs for what I hope to be the final mix. I'll check out the mixes in a variety of setups and places and see if I like it. If I do like the mix, then it's time to release the album :) But we'll see. So far four songs have been fully mixed.

It's a wrap!

3 Mar 2008

All the vocals are now done! We just finished recording the last one, and you can expect some wild things in a few parts. Next up I'll start compiling the vocal tracks and add them to the song project files. I also need to finish the consolidation of all the guitar impulse tracks. Once those two things are done, I can start doing the final mix for all the songs. That should take a few days or so, so if all goes well I might even be able to release the album next week!

There's some more pictures too: Photos.

Vocal sessions, day 3

2 Mar 2008

We just finished the third day of vocal recording and we managed to finish 3,5 songs. I did the vocals for one song in full and a nice black metal part in one song, which cracked us up very badly :) Very grim and frostbitten ;) So there is only 2,5 songs left to do, but they are quite difficult ones which means the progress is slow. Hopefully we can finish up them tomorrow. Then it's finally time to start mixing. Oh, and as usual there's a few videos and pictures, so hang tight for them.

Vocal recording progress

1 Mar 2008

The recording session has started up nicely today. We finished three songs, and I also did vocals for three songs which may be used in the final album. Tomorrow we'll try to record three more songs. Hopefully on monday we'll be able to finish the last three songs and then it's time to start mixing the new album!

I took some pictures and videos, which I'll add later.

There's now four additional pictures in the Photos section for Deep Beneath.