Today's the big day!

22 Feb 2008

I just packed most of the stuff and I'm preparing to setup the reamping session over at Relativity rehearsal space. I'll try all sorts of things for the guitars and see what turns out the best. Once I'm happy with the guitar sound, I'll reamp all of them in one go and I'm also going to record some vocals too. That leaves just the guest vocalists' parts left to record and then I can start mixing the CD!

Future Plans

15 Feb 2008

I've been going through some things and doing some research this week and the aim is to do a small pressing of all three full length Vortech albums: Conclusion (2006), Wasteland (2007) and Deep Beneath (2008). The print would 50 pcs of each album, and also 50 pcs of Vortech t-shirts. If all goes well, this will happen this summer, most likely in July or so, and you will be able to buy the CDs and the t-shirt (10xSmall, 20xMedium, 10xLarge, 10xExtra Large) through this website. From there on, if there is more demand for the CDs and t-shirts, I will order another pressing. But initially it will be a 50 pcs pressing of each.

There may be another distributor too, but it depends on other issues. I will be able to ship them all around the world, but most likely the only payment method would be a bank transfer. If the other distributing system works out, there will also be credit card and PayPal options, but just for CDs.

I haven't decided on the prices yet (it depends on how much the print will cost), but most likely they will be around 10 - 14 euros for a CD, and 15 - 20 euros for the t-shirts. But that is just an estimate.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Deep Beneath recording process, which resumes next weekend with guitar reamping and vocal recording!

Vocal recording

10 Feb 2008

The recording session has been postponed because Tero isn't in town next weekend, so I can't record them yet. So, February 22 - 24 is the new date. Meanwhile, I've finished a first instrumental test mix and it's sounding very nice. Very articulate and clear.

A week my ass...

31 Jan 2008

I just finished recording all the bass tracks for all songs in one day :) So, now I have all the DI tracks for guitars and bass for all songs. Next up I'll do demo vocals for all the songs so that Kraken can learn how they go. Then he can start recording, or actually I can start recording since we can record the vocals over at the Relativity rehearsal space. Not this weekend since he doesn't have time to learn the songs and not next weekend since I'll be touring in Sweden with Relativity, but the next weekend (15 - 17 February) after that we should be able to start recording.

The next phase begins

23 Jan 2008

Alright, I just finished tabbing the songs too, so now I have both lyrics and tabs for all the songs. That means that I'll begin recording DI guitars and bass soon, and that process will probably take a week or two. I've made preliminary arrangements with Kraken and he'll probably do vocals on a lot of the songs once again. Right now I'll go through the lyrics once more and decide the final titles for the songs.

Here's the final tracklist and song titles:

01. The Awakening GDI | BDI
02. Biodroid Legions GDI | BDI
03. The Undying Storm GDI | BDI
04. Shadow Shapes GDI | BDI
05. Retribution GDI | BDI
06. Bewildered GDI | BDI
07. Deep Beneath
08. Subjugation GDI | BDI
09. Exile Within GDI | BDI
10. So They Rise GDI | BDI

Songs with a green GDI and BDI in them indicate that I've finished recording the final DI tracks for them; GDI = Guitar DI, BDI = Bass DI.

If all goes well, the album should be out sometime March 2008. But if everything goes extremely well, it might be out a lot sooner.

Here's a quick video of what's to come (from Biodroid Legions):

Now that the guitars are done, it's bass time! I've also got a big bunch of videos from the DI guitar recording sessions, which I might compile a video of this weekend!