Brand new layout!

21 Jul 2007

As I promised in the forum, here you have the brand new website layout with much added content! Also, the problems you occasionally saw with IE6 have been fixed. I've tested the site with Firefox, Opera 9.22 and Internet Explorer 6 SP1 with all updates, and everything has worked fine even after intentionally trying to break the layout :D

Go and browse around for new stuff. The studio diaries have been updated, there's a whole section of brand new print-size album artwork files and the guestbook has been updated a bit. Have fun. Oh and the usual deal: if you see something strange in the layout, try force-refreshing with Ctrl + F5

Well, well, what do you know

21 Jul 2007

Looks like the old pain in the butt is back online, but we'll see for how long. You can once again get to our forum at:

But there's no guarantee for how long will work this time. Enjoy while you can ;)

Spambot strike

19 Jul 2007

Looks like an advertisement bot flooded up the comments section of the news program and made that error come up. It's fixed now.

In case you were disappointed

7 Jul 2007

Here's a brand new Vortech demo song :) The title is "The Six Phases of Unrest" and it's basically about a dream gone wrong, with sudden phase-outs to something entirely different. Hope you enjoy the track while waiting for Wasteland to be finished. This track will very likely be on the next Vortech album after Wasteland. (6.53 MB)

Not so fast, buddy!

7 Jul 2007

Well, unfortunately things didn't work out so I'll have to wait for a bit more. Apparently the two fellas are doing something this weekend, so hopefully they'll be able to finish the song :)