1 Dec 2006

It seems I have now finished all the songs up, and it's time to start recording the guitars properly. The recordings will begin at the end of December, and I should have all guitars recorded by early January. Then it's time to program the final synth thingies and such. Lastly, I will record all vocals at an appropriate time sometime in January. The album will be mixed in late January, and all should be done by February if all goes smoothly. Check back for more news, and perhaps some pictures and videos from the recording sessions!

And lastly, here's the currently planned tracklist and durations. The song titles will change after the final storyline is done:

01. The Core (2:25)
02. System Failure (4:54)
03. Anthropomorph (3:48)
04. Instigate Hostile Reaction (4:41)
05. Impulse (3:54)
06. Perdition (2:49)
07. The Silence (3:43)
08. Artificial (2:58)
09. Venomous Sky (3:03)
10. Radiant Storm (3:15)
11. Wasteland Roamers (4:36)

Total length 40:04


3 Nov 2006

Well, some of you have noticed it a while ago, but here's a more official version. The entire album is previewable at here:

In other news, I'm pretty near of the final structures for the songs. There's a total of 15 songs and a few of them will probably be dropped off from the final album, but I haven't decided fully which songs to drop. It's turning out quite nice, being a good continuation and progression on Conclusion. The songs are a lot more aggressive and faster overall. The basic premise for the album is a plane right before, during and after a nuclear war after which only a wasteland is left for the survivors to roam about. Stay tuned ;)


9 Aug 2006

Alright, there's now a second article that keeps track of the "Making of..." video clip series for the upcoming album. The latest video is Part 5 and more should be added later on during the actual recording phase of the upcoming release.


7 Aug 2006

So, in case you missed it, I'm keeping a pre-production diary for the next Vortech release. You can read it here: Pre-production diary, the diary has been updated on October 22nd. You'll keep up with the latest daily updates in the songwriting process of the next release, with occasional pictures included.