9 Aug 2006

Alright, there's now a second article that keeps track of the "Making of..." video clip series for the upcoming album. The latest video is Part 5 and more should be added later on during the actual recording phase of the upcoming release.


7 Aug 2006

So, in case you missed it, I'm keeping a pre-production diary for the next Vortech release. You can read it here: Pre-production diary, the diary has been updated on October 22nd. You'll keep up with the latest daily updates in the songwriting process of the next release, with occasional pictures included.


5 Jul 2006

So, with the new album having been out for a few months now, it is time to look forward and continue work towards the next event in time. A new release has been in the works for a while now, with 11 incomplete songs being currently worked on, hopefully for a release in autumn. Some of the working titles include, in alphabetical order:

"Anthromorph", "Impulse", "Infra Red Seekers", "Lord of Worms", "Memoirs of A.I.", "Ominous Dawn", "Perdition", "Rift Vision", "System Boot Failure", "The Core", "Wasteland Roamers"

While waiting for that, the winds of change tear down the foundations and thus a new site is built on the ground zero of old. I present this new form of information center.