A couple of videos from our rehearsals

21 Apr 2014

Here's two videos from our rehearsals in Oulu a few days ago. They were filmed in 1280x720 resolution, so do check it out in full view :)

More vile breaths from the Wastelands

7 Apr 2014

Here's something special!

I found some more leftover project files from the Wasteland sessions (2006), and decided to finish the demo with some modern touches. All synths are new additions, while the drums and guitars are from the original sessions. Hope you enjoy this modern version of old days!

Magic in the airwaves

6 Apr 2014

Did some technical testing earlier today, and here's a little snippet of what is up:

http://vimeo.com/91189230 Vortech Reamping from http://vimeo.com/vortechbandVortechBand on Vimeo.

Indeed. Now, add in a guitarist, drummer and vocalist, and mix with some volume. Stir and fry, and enjoy!

Alternate timelines?

30 Mar 2014

Here's a little something for those requesting instrumental or guitarless versions of some of our material. This one is Shattered Cities from our album Devoid of Life, but with almost all guitars removed and in instrumental form. Hope you enjoy this insight into the "background" stuff:


And if there are some drummers out there who would like to make a Youtube video or such, here's a backing track for that purpose! Our track The Core with just guitars, bass and synths. The tempo is 209 bpm through the whole thing. Enjoy making a video!