Magic in the airwaves

6 Apr 2014

Did some technical testing earlier today, and here's a little snippet of what is up: Vortech Reamping from on Vimeo.

Indeed. Now, add in a guitarist, drummer and vocalist, and mix with some volume. Stir and fry, and enjoy!

Alternate timelines?

30 Mar 2014

Here's a little something for those requesting instrumental or guitarless versions of some of our material. This one is Shattered Cities from our album Devoid of Life, but with almost all guitars removed and in instrumental form. Hope you enjoy this insight into the "background" stuff:

And if there are some drummers out there who would like to make a Youtube video or such, here's a backing track for that purpose! Our track The Core with just guitars, bass and synths. The tempo is 209 bpm through the whole thing. Enjoy making a video!

Productive and poised

24 Mar 2014

This weekend was quite something, in terms of work towards the next full length album (working title: "...of What Remains"), as I managed to finish up three new demo songs, bringing the total at the moment to already 9 tracks clocking in at 38 minutes 41 seconds! The idea this time around is to make a whole lot of songs, and then select the album songs from those, to construct a cohesive and kickin' tracklist for the future world.

Just like the songs prior to these new ones, the style is quite futuristic and dynamic - you'll be sure to have a blast, hehe. Dark melodies, scifi sound effects, fast and loud guitars, blazing drums, with some new things! I'm quite excited to get this album ready for everyone to hear!

And of course we'll also be rehearsing again up north in a few weeks from now, hopefully with some new video material to show and some new promo shots perhaps?

Progression in the march of time

9 Mar 2014

Now that our brand new album has been out for a month, it's time to look further into the future and unveil what lies beyond! Yes, as mentioned a while ago, we have of course been working on the next full length album, too, in addition to the Impenitence EP which should be ready later this year. To outline the plans:

Impenitence EP
- Likely out sometime in the summer
- Contains 4 unreleased songs from The Occlusion sessions
- Might contain some re-recorded older demos and unreleased tracks!

...of What Remains (working title)
- The next full length album, due late 2014 or early 2015 (at least planned)
- Will be again Industrial Death Metal with real drums
- 6 songs have been fully demoed so far (27 minutes)
- Some parts are quite extreme! Borderline black metal.
- So far sounds like a mixture of Wasteland and Posthumanism, with industrial touches

And of course, as you can see, this website has now received a spiffy little layout update and some bugfixes in the back-end code. Enjoy the new look!

So at the moment, the main effort is in writing new songs for the next full length album, and perhaps around May it's time to work on releasing the Impenitence EP.