Reflections of the Past: Conclusion

Taking you back to the times when Conclusion was reached

Studio Diary by Juha Untinen, written 11 Feb 2007

Since I didn't hold any mentionable studio diaries during the writing of the album, I'll do a post-release one now, about one year after the release. Here we go...

The composing for the album started right after I had finished my military service in early 2006. At first I had four full songs, which all in fact were also featured on the released album. The tracks went by the names Epidural Venom (The Institution), Prophecy of Unknown (Terra Ultimatum), Acid Capacitor Detonation (Sentinels of Pain) and Thoughtless (Judgement of the Amenti). The songs took their final form very quickly with very few changes in structures and riffs on the way. The album was originally intended to include the two demo songs available at our MySpace site: Bewildered Beyond Disknowledge and Battling with a Lion.

Preparations 2006 But eventually I decided it would be nicer to have just brand new songs to allow for the album to sound more fresh. I may rework and record those two demo tracks later on, as I still feel they're quite nice songs on their own. In late February 2006 I finished two more songs. The progress was a little slower than on the new album since I pretty much finished each song right on the spot. I didn't do any demo tracks, I simply composed the songs and recorded all the guitars on the fly. By the end of the month, I had finished all the songs for the album. Then it was time to start writing the rest of the lyrics.

And just when I thought everything had gone nicely, it turned out I had to re-record the guitars for two songs due to poor quality. Luckily the songs turned out even better after the re-recording. The lyrics came together extremely quickly after I had a perfect vision of what I wanted the lyrics to be about. That is, the moments on Earth at the verge of the collapse of the universe. The vocals were recorded in early April and the album was finally completed after just over a week into April.

The mix of this album is quite experimental, as you have no doubt heard. I experimented with several different things, including applying a guitar amp simulation plugin (Guitar Suite) on top of the real recorded guitars, and the drums are a combination of three different drum machines.