In the Studio: Wasteland

The desert days working on the album

Studio Report by Juha Untinen, written 13 Feb 2007

The project was started at around 1 AM on June 8th 2006, when some ideas were thrown about in Cubase. However, not much happened for the next 30 days - only some unused riffs and some drum beats were composed. Things started rolling in early July when a number of songs were initially completed (not much remains of those though :P), namely Anthropomoph, Impulse and Ominous Dawn. A few days later, two more songs were done: Artificial and Perdition (only the chorus remains to date). This provide to be a fruitful start towards writing the album, though.

The second writing session took place in mid-August, when an older song (The Core) was sliced apart completely and reworked from ground up with only the main rhythm riff remaining from the original. A number of new songs were also composed, but only two of those made it to the album. The outtakes included tracks entitled The Remnants of Apocalypse, Blood Tribunal, Lord of Worms and Process. The two that actually did make the album are nowadays called Instigate Hostile Reaction and The Silence.

Preparations A third writing session occured in early October, and during those sessions the remaining new songs were fully written. After that phase, it was time to start going through all the material and improve on them. After strenuous days and moments, the songs were finally shaping up to be how they are today. The drum programming was also pretty much finalized during that month. Not many changes were done.

November was a mind-rest month in a way, as very few things were done to the songs or arrangements, though a few did happen. Mainly it involved changing the order in which the riffs came in the song. Also, the initial work towards the concept and storyline of the album was started. Stephen King's The Stand, the Fallout series and Mad Max movies were a big inspiration, which lead to a story about the final days of mankind before a great nuclear slaughter and the days after the events.

In late December it was finally time to start recording all the guitars for the album. Everything went extremely smoothly and the job was done in just three days of active recording. Each song was quad tracked with two guitars panned 100% and 75% on each side, plus a lead guitar track in the center. The sound turned out to be quite nice and clear, fitting well inside the songs. As I had already finished all the bass and drum programming earlier, all the songs were pretty much done now. The last thing left to do was to finish up all the lyrics for the album and testing how the vocals would be like, stuff like phrasing, emphasizes and so on.

Then began the strange days. The album was ready, including the lyrics, but the vocal recordings didn't take off anywhere. But then things started to happen and eventually most of the vocals were recorded by Kraken. A few songs were left without vocals, so I finally recorded the remaining parts to finish up the album and finally release it on September 23, 2007.