In the Studio: Deep Beneath

Making the next step in evolution

Studio Diary by Juha Untinen, written 5 Apr 2008

The project Deep Beneath started way back in June 2007 when I composed two tracks (Shadow Shapes and Retribution) while waiting for Kraken to finish his vocals for Wasteland. Early next month another track was finished (Exile Within, originally titled The Six Phases of Unrest) and then I took a small break from songwriting to continue mixing Wasteland with the first batch of vocal tracks I received. Then a bit later in mid-August, I composed a whole bunch of songs within four days: The Undying Storm, Biodroid Legions and So They Rise (originally Voidforms). Then it was time to finish up Wasteland, so I didn't compose any songs for a while.

Then in November 2007 I finally composed a further three new songs: Subjugation (originally called Rust), The Awakening (originally Re.Activate) and Deep Beneath, which also pretty much locked me on the direction which the album would take. Then in December I also re-recorded and re-arranged an older demo track of mine that never found a home earlier, and it fit perfectly for this album. Bewildered (aka Bewildered Beyond Disknowledge) was then finished and now I had an albumfull of material.

In early January 2008, I started working on the lyrics for the songs and they were quickly finished in two weeks. Then it was time to start working on the final DI guitars for the album. All the guitar DI tracks were finished on 30 January and it was time to start recording the DI bass tracks. A big bunch of videos were filmed of the guitar tracking and there will be a compilation video.

All DI recordings were finished on 31 January and demo vocal recordings started.

In early February, I did the first reamping home tests and after getting an extra adapter I got it all working together perfectly. So now with the knowledge I can safely start reamping everything soon. It is a test nevertheless, so it might be that I won't use the reamped guitars at all. Hopefully they will rock, though, so I can use them. Should be a bit more different tone than the usual album these days with the 5150/Dual Rectifier combo on all of them. It does sound nice and is sure to work, but most albums tend to end up sounding the same, so with my Engl Powerball + Marshall JCM900 SL-X it should be a bit more different tone. I'm thinking about recording four tracks with both amps and see what sort of combination works best: 2+2, or perhaps all tracks with one amp. I'm also going to test the Studio Fredman method just for fun. In that method, you place one mic right at the center of the cone and another in a 45 degree angle, and adjusting the position to taste with the phasing.

I also did demo vocals for all the songs, both to test out how the vocals finally fit in within the songs and also for Kraken to practice the phrasing etc. Now that they're done, my work is finished for the time being, except for making the reamping project files for the songs. That's mostly just rearranging things for easier reamping.