In the Studio: Infocalypse

Experimental and just mental

Studio Report by Juha Untinen, written 27 Sep 2013

As this EP was worked on at the same time with the full length Devoid of Life, the creative process itself was mostly identical to the main album. However, some quite noticeable details differentiate this from the aforementioned. One major difference is something you can hear right from the first seconds of the album. The vocals are performed by Juha Untinen, and the drums are presented with Superior Drummer 2.0, instead of Ville. Another detail, no less major, is in the release date, which is almost 1,5 years prior to Devoid of Life!

But, to roll back to the first days of this auditory experience, you must rewind to a dark autumnal night of October 2009. That is when the opening track, Chaos Dimension, originally came to be. It starts off energetically as usual, but quickly takes the left hand path to more experimental narrows. Clean singing, chaotic piano compositions and more traditional heavy metal riffing, the song will bring back memories of the early days of Vortech. Interestingly, the guitars and bass for this were recorded in the very same sessions as with Devoid of Life, despite the release gap.

As both were originally planned for a 2010 release, the vocals for Infocalypse were recorded during an active December day in Kemi, at the rehearsal space of Ville. The vocals were finished very fast on a simple laptop setup with the vocals going into a Shure SM7b mic and RME Fireface 400. The end result is quite good for such a simple recording method! As the instruments for the album were recorded months prior, the full release was now ready for the public, and was released on 19 December 2010 through the official website.

The lyrics for the EP took inspiration from several interesting movie and book concepts, more or less directly pertaining to the events in them. You shouldn't find too much trouble with finding out which they are, if you're into recent items.