1. The Institution
  2. Terra Ultimatum
  3. Crescent Moon
  4. Mind Awakening
  5. Sentinels of Pain
  6. Apoapsis Mentis
  7. Judgement of the Amenti
  8. Lunar Eclipse
  9. Sycophant Gods
  10. End Game

The Institution

The bleakest of days
A messenger from outer space
Yet the messenger bears no hope:
A destructive form of an allotrope

Brace yourself for the demise

Feel free to awaken
This institution built for
Anti-collide prediction
And now, has failed

Red dwarves form
A celestial storm
Meteors collide
And life will no longer thrive

Voices from the voids

Feel free to awaken
This institution built for
Anti-collide prediction
And now, has failed

The moon has fallen
Flames cover the sky
Universal defcon 5
Nihilists enthralled

Terra Ultimatum | Back to top

Momentary paralysis
Superseded by reflex
Evade being crushed
By a meteor rain

A comet flies right by

The collapse of the universe
Planets collide and skies burst in flames
Helpless despair and acceptance
Witness our final moments with a tear on your cheek

Perplexion of our future
Ultimatum ab orbis terrarum
Inevitability of destruction
Per eversio fatalis

Implosion of the universe
The sky turns an evil red
No salvation awaits in reserve
The outcome can only be death

Crescent Moon | Back to top

Three days later
an uncertain contact
Reaches out for survivors
A species beyond known space

We came here to propose an offer
You'll give us all and your own planet
And in turn, we'll save you from utter extinction

Is this what it has come to
Are we truly lost
This offer our only hope
the terms are out of scope

Four more hours
They contemplate the offer
An offer which is clearly absurd

Do we have another choice?

The moon is full of questions
Salvation at what cost
The fate of humankind
the Scales of Prevailment

Left to us for to control
We have no need for you
Something we wish to bereave
Your fate in our hands is the future
and the hope of your survival

Six hours more
And clearly this is not the answer
We'll have to find another way to the world

We won't accept your terms
We will prevail
We shall discuss no more
We are

The collective humankind
Is now determined to be
Here for many moons to pass

Mind Awakening | Back to top

Puppeteer your mind
An endeavour to the world inside
After all you've seen
Is there a return to reality?

Voyeurs of self
the secrets lie within
Created for you
By You

The mind is awakening
Can it be contained?
One-way journey
selfwilling loss of your sanity

Stuck inside
entrapment of a third kind
unmarked glyphs hold all that's buried by time
But now they are set free

Sentinels of Pain | Back to top

Beyond they lie in wait
Threshold of withstanding
Eternal slumber
The sentinels awake

Sentinels of pain
Wreaking havoc in the skies
Grand sky of skullclouds
Bring an end to us all
A new end

Illusion of undoing

"In visions of the dark night
Ah! What is not a dream by day
That world was chiding
A lonely spirit guiding
What through that light, thro' storm and night"
- (Excerpts from "A Dream" (1827) by Edgar Allan Poe)

Apoapsis Mentis | Back to top


Judgement of the Amenti | Back to top

In death, what have we achieved
A final judgement shall be by them

Undoing hopelessly late
An issue open for grand debate
Cash on the scale holds no weight

Greed, death, money, schemes: corporate fools
Help, aid, welfare, charity: wasted tools
Rot, pus, goo, stink: exotic ghouls
Impact, burn, flame, frost: natural joules
War, guns, oil, bombs: money rules
All of the above: they all...

Burn in the pits
The amenti have spoken
Brace yourself for demise
in the soulburning device

Their destiny laid out by themselves
The only ones to blame are within

Money burns your soul - Condemned
Funny turns of fate - Alive
Eternity of time to - Resent

Lunar Eclipse | Back to top

Threshold of extinction
Witness the new masters

The clank of steel walking forward to assume control of this plane of mortal drama

The less the sun shines, the more is lost
Out of sight, just below the horizon
A new race to rule arising
From the ashes of a world laid waste

Crumbling grounds shaping anew
Entities from beyond
A bloodred sky

Industrial creature to ring the ears of any humanoids around
Grinding echoes hiss piston movement erecting assemblies of plate chaos

Sycophant Gods | Back to top

The gods are there
watching over the mayhemic destruction
Straggling survivors plead for mercy

Handouts are given - Just so that men will praise their lords
All in vain - The gods just want a better standing

Secluded laughter
a h3ine deception
Unbeknownst betrayal

Praise the names unwitnessed
The universe - their morbid playground

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