1. The Core
  2. Evolutionary Project
  3. Their Contract
  4. Instigate Hostile Reaction
  5. Impulse
  6. Perdition
  7. The Silence
  8. Winds of Contamination
  9. Radiant Storm
  10. Wasteland Roamers

The Core

Among the shadows of darkened minds
Schemes are brewing, hidden from watchful eyes
Plans of war, unleashing of hell
Against whom, one cannot tell

Reach down to the core
Discover a corporate whore
Flayers of decency
Blindfolded courtesy

War by instigation
Chaotic retribution
Reapers of life
seeders of strife

Among the shadows of darkened minds
Schemes are brewing, hidden from watchful eyes
Plans of war, unleashing of hell
Against whom, one cannot tell

We stand at the threshold
A storm is coming
Time will tell
Who will live through this hell

Among the shadows of darkened minds
Schemes are brewing, hidden from watchful eyes
Plans of war, unleashing of hell
Against whom, one cannot tell

Evolutionary Project | Back to top

The system has failed
Prominent hostility
Governed by fear
7.62 mm quarrel

The world in flames
Political bigot games
Machines of society
Grinding to a halt

Darkness surrounds us
Abandoned in the shadows of war
Piercing cold to puncture the deal of doom

Evolutionary project
Dissidents are silently repressed
Shadowclad enforcers
Denied of all remorses

Martial law provides all they need
their leaders' call they will heed
Confined in concrete cells
publicizing your private hells

Debased world order
Shedding blood for the human gods
Crooked fate, anonymous hate
A system designed to lacerate

War never changes
The embers smoulder strong with passionate zeal
No escape as the shelling rages
Your mind you cannot feel

Their Contract | Back to top

The morning sun reflecting on their eyes
What they do is all a lie
A contract bound in flesh and signed with blood
In our name you will kill - or be shot

Shaved and trained to look all the same
Just so that there'll be none to take the blame
Sanguine sunrise - the day we must die
No one shall leave these fields alive

A blade of hatred, bisecting all who oppose
Suppressing all the critics - with silence, not by choice
the days of democracy have come to an end
Bitter rivalry making us all

Quench the gun, so violently - they want you to kill
In your ditch, you gather the rage - well done, pull the trigger
Cut down the enemy - they'll do the same to you
Fire away with no regret - you are entitled to

Instigate Hostile Reaction | Back to top

The flickering screen shows all the signs
"There is no war" - the government denies
Denial and games - the P.R. slaves
That's how the world decays

Façades appease the simple minds
Shadows cast down by shutting blinds
Look over your shoulder... saw that?
Yes, now you know.

Statements are made to follow
"You shall obey!" they bellow
Uttering their complete nonsense
Lies are told with full conscience

What the public doesn't know
The seeds of ignorance for us to sow
Pathway to excellence:
Absence of audience

We are surveyed
In their eyes
Hidden in disguise

Beholding our lives
Patiently awaiting
For the excuse

The skies are burning with a deep red glow
You are a witness to a world that has come to explode
Fatal demonstrations of a world-wide supremacy
Flawed reasons for grievancy

Impulse | Back to top

Chaos is spreading all throughout the world
The horizon is flashing with nuclear discord
The days of apologies are way past, beyond all thought
Unthinkably furious retaliation, global damage is what they sought

Agonizing death as your skin falls off
You can thank yourselves for all you got
Worldwide crematorium
In a chapel built of fire

A blinding wave of fire
Trailed by our death's desire
The screams of a thousand burning souls
As their flesh melts right off their bones

A silent moment right before the blast
It will be a long time before the last

A man-made funeral pyre
I believe we can breathe the fire

Perdition | Back to top

Mushrooms of sickening slaughter
their makers are the earth's own blighters
Burning through all man-made shelters
bloody pulps of men and women shattered

More blasts are going on in the distance
Fire away to wipe out the resistance
Blinding waves of light in the distance
Feel the need to call for assistance

See the sky for a startling sighting
Grim and eerie turn of the fighting
Hundred thousand missiles and spearheads
Their sight is an unnerving appearance

Make your way to the nearest bunker
Run away from the nuclear barking
In a few seconds you will be dead
'cause the bombs are all at your tread

The wheel of conclusion
Leveling the sands of life
Grains of what used to be
Split by the cycle of doom


The fate of humanity is to burn in the flame of truth
Reaching higher, engulfing our tears
stripping away their masks
The soothing hand of Death is well within our doomed grasp

The Silence | Back to top


Winds of Contamination | Back to top

Take a look at the world around you
All the things done, how it was run
Fear not for the age of decay
You won't live that long anyway

Outside in the wastes
A new world now awaits
Gear up for you know it to be true
They are out there just to get you

The sirens are wailing their warning
Striving to reach your attention
But you ignore them and open the gate
To fix your deed is far too late

The winds of contamination strike you in the face
A duet of pestilence and filth
Watch the sky in awestruck despair
The venom coursing right through your veins

Radiation piercing your body
Agony as you wade in the dust
Feel it burn inside your throat
The end is near you can hear it coming

Radiant Storm | Back to top

Behold the midnight sky pulsate with fury
Devastation brought down with rain
Godless gloom surfacing, striking you down
The sky is blazing with thunder and hate

Uncontrollable force, crowning our world
A kingdom of ashes, shattered by a gale
Like a mirror reflecting the future
With the coldness of nails through your eyes

There is nothing left to be said
All is said and done, prepare yourselves
Unmarked graves, knee-deep in radiation

Devilish devices cutting through mankind
Evolutionary target: absolute eradication
Skinless you rot under the sun
and soon they will all share the fun

Wasteland Roamers | Back to top