1. Posthumanism
  2. Xenomorphosis
  3. Destined to Fall
  4. Humanity: Static
  5. The Wolves
  6. The New Creations
  7. Lifeline
  8. Afterworld
  9. False Salvation
  10. Transcendence
  11. Shedding the Flesh


And so you awaken, a steel-cold place
Strapped in a chair, without a face
You recall nothing at all
A faint hum and a sterile wall

Fumbling around you pace the floor
But a single blue light here at all

Shout out in vain
There's no one to hear your blame
A solitary cell in a prison without a door

This is the new life
A singular purpose for you
Traverse the boundaries
of what is man and what is not

And so do the walls crash down
the revelation of sordid proportions
A world of twisted rubble and far-gone war
the debris tells who we really are

Beyond humanity there is more hope
Such a fate is the final excursion of the mope
A necessary evil of the future world
the continued survival of the obsolete and wrong

With a growl you accept your fate
The only companion here is your hate
A mere beginning of your long trek
But little did you know of my plans

A demigod behind it all
Self-styled master of creation
Under his absolute command
there is no free will for anyone

Xenomorphosis | Back to top

"Be one of first!" The ad calls out for subjects
A new kind of genetics project
Enhancement of your biological makeup
A promise of superhuman reflexes

The fine print goes unread
Oblivious to the consequence
Sinister plan up to highest levels
Desperate act before public knowledge

The ominous glow of the sun
as you stand-to in the antechamber

The call-in is swift and relentless
They drag you down to the black chrome chair
They strap you down lest you hurt yourself
As Xenomorphosis executes

The strobe lights flash on your eyes
A morphine spike snaps to your vein
The mechanic device consumes your hand
You feel it come clean off and re-attach

You wake up on a rainy street at night
No recollection of what went on

The days go by and you're none the wiser
Dreams of slithering steel and oil-drowned people

You snap awake from your horrid dreams
As you freeze solid from a look at your hand

You hear a crackle within your head
As the commands start to upload to the brain
""No longer are you in control of yourself,
Experimental Droid X-1"

This is your dream made all too real
Spills soil your standard issue BDUs
The path is paved in human blood
for the project launch is a resounding "go"

Destined to Fall | Back to top

Control is the key to life
But what to do when the lock is broken
Shattered hope lies all in pieces
and the winds are picking up

All accept the given terms:
Human life in exchange for survival
Reality is altered
humanity has faltered

Is that all necessary?
The machine acting an emissary?
Bringing about the new world order
In this land of flaw and disorder

Life in a world of ashes
Calls us all with open arms

Synthetic arms race of humanity
What a world to live in
Creation of bionic weapons
Zombified subhuman waste to the suits

Project Odin their masterplan
Violent mind control of cybernetic man
Masked out as a means to save us all
A plan ultimately causing our fall

Life in a world of ashes
Calls us all with open arms
Mindless we are destined to fall
Violence their solution to it all
Little do they care of their pawns
For are they not their synthetic spawns

Humanity: Static | Back to top

The dawn of the threshold
Awaken anew
Shed the final piece of evidence
of your long gone existence

It's a race for answers
Question all the you see
But for how long can you keep up
with a product destined for failure

The truth is a whore for lies
Consuming them with a zest of frenzy
Expulsing all to suit the need
As the betterment of mankind they feed

The fragile transmission
diminishes to pure static
Nothing left of their humanity
From ashes they arise

Lifelines dwindle
For the weak are born anew
Abandoned their humanity
the Biotrons walk the earth

Perversions of sickening science
Insane creations of a brave new world
What comes beyond humanity
but a soulless drone of obscurity

Now the evidence is all in front of you
It's a time for your own decision:
Alone in the bonegarden?
Stripped of humanity without pardon?

The Wolves | Back to top

The wolves watch and wait as their prey wander aimlessly
heedless of what is to be, all so damning and foreboding
An animalistic grin forms on their lips as they prepare themselves
with a final howl at the waning sun of mankind, they launch towards the throats of men

Entities of their own creation
turn against the hand that feeds
A full moon is over the scene undescribable
Unprovoked is the nature of their kill

A feeding frenzy turns the tide of the world
Puffs of snow turn crimson and visceral
Against malcreation the nature does turn
Violation of evolution they churn

Now the wolves switch their attention
A yellow orb eyes at your face
Snarling its victory of man
And in seconds the wolves are gone

Crawl out of the shadows
Show us your cowardly face

A howl in the midnight world
Warns you of the coming storm
Awoken has that which you shouldn't have awoken
A presence to spell the doom
Exordium of our conclusion
Irreversible course on a path of no return

See a light so inviting at the end
Adrift in the middle of a vortex of snow
Only to awaken to hear them growl

Here you are on the run again
Ignorant of the things you've done
The lupine jaws snap at your heels
Even in your dreams you feel the chills

And so it goes on and on, never at peace after dawn
Forever cursed to your form
The pack is calling in to mourn
Abomination of steel, wolf and man, the irony of fate is grand

The New Creations | Back to top

The screen shows their bodies in liquid
and they are eager to begin their life
Drained from their cells, they gasp a first breath
such a sweet smell of blood fills their nostrils

Our master, we are at your command
The pleasure to kill is all yours
Point your finger and just say the word
Your wish is our law, if you say so we'll break the dawn

The CCTV expands the picture
as men in suits all nod and approve
A project coming to fruition
Preparing their first and last mission

The new creations stand to form their lines
War machines to project their power and lies
The blackest of black, a clandestine destiny
Expendable forces of subhuman value

A void of thought (They do not understand)
Exquisite lack of mercy (the reason behind reason)

Assume control of the brave new world
Enforced world where the people are numbers
None would stand up, none would dare to
A megapolis where some are more equal than others

Lifeline | Back to top

As they stride in the desolate plain
Mechanic feet stir the forlorn grave
Blackened ashes left in their wake
A hollow cry as the wind for their sails

A transcendence
- the promise of our augmentation
Eternal life
- at the cost of your humanity

Watch your hand in wonder: what did it look like?
A frail strand of past is barcoded in ragged flesh
As final as it seems, it has just begun

They forfeit all trace of humanity
Life for them is a cybernetic existence

Past the point of no return
They longingly look over their shoulder
Their final life functions fade to black
along with their humanity

No way to reverse the course
The finality is like current through flesh
We dare you to unravel the truth
of past, present and beyond

Know that whatever your choice may be
It is only for you to decide
What we offer is a place in the book of eternity
Among the new breed

Afterworld | Back to top

What shall it be?
The world is there to shape as you please
Wrought as steel imbued with flesh
Drained of humanity and controlled by codes
Far from ideals and enchantingly draped in woes

A new world is on the rise
Concieved to regard the final demise

A stainless steel creation consuming the weak
For what is weakness but a sign of their flaw

Once the transformation is set in stone
No living organism you shall condone
Create the world in your image
Destroy it again in pure scrimmage

You seek to advance the human race
A sickness you believe it to be
But the profound flaw in your plan
Is the total abscense of the living man

A carcass of humanity is all that's left
Alone you stand with your cyborg race, all bereft

False Salvation | Back to top

Submit your concievement for review
Balance out the results and approve
They perform well up to spec
Leaving you grinning without regret

A new form of life to live
Well beyond the limits of man
Machines of flesh and blood
The will to serve is all they've got

A long gone past behind you
Ravaged the kingdoms of east
They could not understand it
Oh such a loss was their lack of wit

Now a thunder calls your name
and why would they call you insane?
For does not the word too contain "sane"
Clearly that shall be their bane

Stride forward in your quest to reach perfection
Approve no less than the pinnacle of all creation

Golems of insanity
A brigade without questions
You run a foil to mankind
Lead to believe in a false salvation
Far they have gone and further they are yet to fall,
Enhance your control of them with the torn flesh of those unworthy

Stride forward in your quest to reach perfection
Approve no less than the pinnacle of all creation
Mastermind of the undoing of everything considered human
Nothing is nothing yet 'til you've said all that you've got to say

Now a thunder calls your name
and why would they call you insane?

I am salvation!
You will follow me!
My command is your life!
Heed me for eternity!

Transcendence | Back to top

After all we have gone through
the time has come finalize
a pact set in motion long ago
Metamorphosis of humanity

A blue sliver of light cuts through the night
Implants activate in all their heads
Dissonant sounds take control of thoughts
Preparation for their transcendence

After much thought they were in agreement
It is for the ultimate phase
Project Odin has so far soared high
And now it shall reach an all-time low

The end is nigh, there is no denying
We have advanced the human race
Bio-augmentation is the call
Posthumanism of us all

Hand in hand, the bionic turn mechanic
and thus kiss goodbye their humanity
A thought of the thin red line
Is this the next step of evolution?

This is no time to reflect the past
The way for us is forward
Humanity as it was has gone
Today - the first day of our future

Shedding the Flesh | Back to top

Behold a sinister sky
As it shines upon thee
The transformation is soon complete
Minutes pass, patience the key

Condensation consumes the view
A glass cell soon to shatter
Metamorphosis of the last one
Signing off the darkening sun

Arise with a morbid smile
The mind no longer in denial
It was what you asked for!
Thy wish granted for you regardless of all

The hour has finally come!
Breaking away from the cocoon
A new being with all new flesh
The beast wishing not for a caress

Rise now, equal among few
Slither past the petrified humans
Biological creation of steel
Gone is the weakness of flesh