1. Chaos Dimension
  2. Charcoal Earth
  3. Pyre of Souls
  4. Wire Synapse

Chaos Dimension


There it lies - a luring trap for all these years
Her subtle deceit in bitter and vehement tears of joy
Where we die, concealed without hope of somewhere to lie
Drifting quitely across the sky - Never to reach home again

Summoned to the world
A machine of horror - you must die
No one can avoid its judgment
Luring mortals like sheep

In your sleep, she calls you like an angel
Fallen soul that I feel is somehow sick
It burdens you - the crimson waters
Awaken to your screams and end the nightmare

There's something dark - wrong in substance
Did you hear their torment, now parted from earthly body shells
Somewhere down through hell - come trigger your will for blood

Sword of mercy - a departed son of a lunatic one
Bridge of will - it scorches your mechanics of self-control

We started the fall of impossible, pushed out of the constant time
The years have gone, tonight crumbles our time and the shut door

Unleash the uncreators
They will bring it all down
With eyes sewn shut you stand
Embody the purest evil

Charcoal Earth | Back to top

Once again we tread this path
Charred and destroyed, it lies ahead
Cause and effect - they are the same
As for the reason, it matters not

The ashes born by earth
scornful pride and gathering dust
Such was the way of this crop
Now returning to the womb of time

Their soul devoid of regret
Finger, the trigger, and the time to die
Through so, their faces sly
The era of humans dictated by rope

Graves are full
Of the product devised by nothing but an animal
Once a pinnacle of advanced time
Their season of luck eaten

Disease - man-made suppression of the people
Reason - whenever someone had hell to see
New lord of the falling few, products insane
If they hold out, the government will take their life
A rotten game in the fields of world
Wrong: dead. No name.

Chemicals corrode the earth
Now hope is gone, just run for the bunker

In the ages to come
forgotten like the sun
Floating in nothingness
Consumed by time

No embers, no sound
A defaced existence
In a cold empty space
Short is the supply for regretfulness

Pyre of Souls | Back to top

The souls are gathering at the edge of the zone
Unwilling to enter, for they know of the tales
Visitors from the great untold and their motivation unknown
Whether they still remain is up for debate

Shaken soldiers is what I saw there
She'll show them bodies turning inside out
Rotting the brains inside
The slaughter foreseen here for multiple times

Bring the silent option
tonight's mission: Full-Empties for gold
For some, they are worth a life
Summon courage and enter the fray now, to die

And this is why I told them to abandon hope
You must keep looking for the unseen reality
Don't think that you'll survive this place another time
You may survive but for sure your life is over the next time

Winds aren't blowing at all
The sun is fully blocked away
Here their soil begins
The reek, the fire, and a hasty death

Last song for those out of time
Yet their final dance: without flesh on bones
Down in the roadside ditch
A fog with a visceral death awaits

Paranormal energy
an anomaly that waits to tear you apart
Shreds a complete body
to hundred pieces in the blink of an eye
Don't ever think of, or plan an escape
They will cut you down before your first step

Time shall tell when they return
Due to their visitation, all science as we know it has been erased

These are grave implications
Did they seek to debase our world?
Reject our flawed physics
Into battle with knowledge we shoot headfirst

Wire Synapse | Back to top

Connect your body
A machine-made human analogue
Receive and process
Vital rules define your existence

Validate the outcome
A clear result must be obtained
Generate the outline
Execution of utmost priority

Post-op scans confirm the mission
Carried out with absolute precision
Deviations are not expected
For such is not even possible

Once the deed is completed
A recall to your station is executed
No thought runs through your mind
Under control and part of the hive


Ohjelmoitu mieli ilman oman ajatuksen häivää
Ei pyydä aivot tekemään muuta kuin käskettyä
Autuaan tietämätön, ei kerro silmät maailman menosta
Tähän koneeseen olet joutunut ja tulet olemaan osa sitä

A programmed mind without a trace of own thoughts
The brain asking for nothing more than being commanded
Blissfully unaware, the eyes see nothing what happens
You have been cast into this machine, and you shall be a part of it)

Now I am, as one with the machine
Wired into the system