Devoid of Life

  1. The Black Rite
  2. Neurovirus
  3. Shattered Cities
  4. Demon In the Circuitry
  5. Frozen Machine
  6. Lost
  7. Unveiling the Future
  8. The Apocalypse
  9. Grains of Reality

The Black Rite

A complex built for life's endurance
Devised to save what is left to save in this crumbling world
Safeguarding your unspeakable deeds
Merely to forward your sickening needs
With your steady hand of doom
Uncreation of this boon

Hands devoid of willing control
Violence in the mind is taking a hold
Unable to cease the action
Disturbing revelations beyond infractions

Of the darkness, comes our hope
For him it means an unbroken rope
Unheeded goes the final warning
Dark science to be his undoing

A fateful night
Endeavour to comprehend the rite
Vile changes
toward the unknown we go

Mischief in the highest levels
A fire ablaze in their eyes
Hatred is their fuel
for this lifelong corruption

The dawn is rising
Virulent, a dark shining
Science and the end of days
Bring about a crooked haze

Faint is the level of knowledge
Aspire to reach a volatile hold
Rising of the resistance
A call misinformed and people misled

And now the light of day
Reaches down through the rain
In so, it paves the way
A red carpet for an enduring pain

And now the blight of gray
Reaches you through the pain
In so, it paves the way
A blackened rite for a decaying day

"In darkness we floated out of control"
A virus now coursing in their veins
They praise the creator for making it happen
And he smiles, laughing at their obliviousness

Neurovirus | Back to top

They carry it inside them
Sleeper cell of a viral kind
The spread pattern is out of hand
Waning chances of aversion

All control is lost by noon
Yet they still do not know
Covert is the contagion
Irreversible the infliction

In the way of science, you were so sure
That for this creation, you made no cure
A swansong for the epitaph
Carved to stone, as you laugh

Neural by its nature
Chemical synapses transmit the flaw
Propagate the behavior war
Enslaved to the virus we are

No vaccine to prevent it all
As a devised doom ensnares the world
Perfection with a poison hold
and by your actions we shall fold

For the deed you commited
A fitting reward is in store
As the day of days goes on by
You reach the eclipse of your own time

Shattered Cities | Back to top

These volatile shells of life
Suspect is the level of hope
None of it beyond their eyes
As the surviving ones all cower in fear

Chaos sweeps the remaining world
Shattered cities left in the wake
Authority is no longer there
The final shield clatters in pieces

Tortured souls gaining no control
Mechanical bodies acting commandless
Eyes of terror is all they see
When they catch a glimpse in the mirror

Aware with screams within
Yet no sound is self-produced
Fragile agony is what you feel
As on the altar of death we kneel

Broken glass is your legacy
a matress of pain for his heresy
All that remains:
Shattered cities, barren plains

Trodden by the wind in the streets
Howling its inhuman note
Underscoring the current state -
Gradual dehumanization

Demon In the Circuitry | Back to top

Synthetic – their nature
Indifference – their code
A welcome the most cold in kind
Calculated – their future
Unexpendable – their role
Unleash the demon in the circuitry

A boon in these troubled times
When humans suffer the machine
Powerless upon the sands
We're adrift in desolation

Desert haven in everyone's sights
Not a soul considers the irony
The struggle to survive is caused by ourselves
True reasons - trivial and set behind

Immune to physical harm
Fortified in mechanic rule

It was once said: sticks and stones
And thus it's proven - a war would start
Humankind versus man
Cast the first rock to save yourself

Grand is the final engagement
As the remnant ebb in numbers
Driven out of the metropolis
Cast down from the ruler's throne

Yet the genious part is:
The virus affects us all

A threefold danger
Machine, man & man
Should the virus have a face
For sure it would sport a grin
And in so, ignite the war

Frozen Machine | Back to top

Brooding and contemplating
Powerless stands the military
A demon to kill, but control to instill
To fight against this enemy

A machine frozen makes the virus die
But in so, all those kept alive
By the machines of salvation
They become their damnation

Regression of the thinking mind
Collective erosion of the will
Primal instinct surpasses all your sense
Do what you're told, not what you feel

Deep is the state of lockdown
Society to be erased
A new beginning for those from past
Starts now by destroying the future

Inherent is the need to improve
Unorthodox the method to do so
To condemn those who are not strong
Or to confirm a certain doom

There will be a dissent to arise
Setting back the humankind
Prevention of all progress

Lost | Back to top

Dreams of control in the highest levels
Crashing down with a tumbling fall
Forfeit is the remaining world
Who shall remain in the end?

Divided nations fighting for supremacy
Merciless are the acts commited
One final conflict to settle the score
(Just another step for many more)

Admitted imbecility
drastic measures that you call pre-emptive
A hollow tone is uttered

The voice of self-service
Mass decision to suppress the invih3idual
An institution lost in corruption, ineffective machinery of a bygone world

Vanishing light of civilization
Waning in the dusk of a passing era
Factions forming, a rebirth in silence
Shroudclad gathering of the lost ones

A brotherhood with a certain goal
Not pursuing the good of us all
Yet with the greatest chance they live
As others perish in bitter pain

Oppression called – for the greater good
Such thoughts you entertain, to yourself it serves an exhorting flame
Suffering the people – you know it be in vain
They cannot know of the higher purpose in this agony

Unveiling the Future | Back to top

The future unveils behind a drape, so dark
Inhospitable became the world
A virus running unchecked at large
Not a breath is heard out there

Control – this was their dream
fleeting was the moment
It crumbled in their hands
like sand they sought to hold

Fruitless they know it to be
Foolish hope, stupidity, or ignorance?
In any case, they charge at a brickwall
This reality is no feature film

Factions drawing their last breath
Bleeding their bretheren at arms
Marvel at the final insult
to humanity and all their kind

Disbelieving laughter of the last one
A final whimper of their extinction
Driven to extreme measures
Unable to cope with this new life

This punctuation to an era
A chapter ends, and the page is turned
Will it be a better world awaiting?
All that's sure, we won't see it

The Apocalypse | Back to top

Let it serve as a painful reminder of what could be
A surge through you with every single breath
Frantically seeking for answers

Mysteries within longing for the spotlight
Desperate to be the one they know
Not a day passes without a reminder
That it is no noble cause you express

From one to another – a cycle completes
Leaving a wake of unendurable pain
Radiating its message – a message of depletion
Affecting us all with unpredictable disdain

This ailment leaving you all but
Dead in your trembling tracks

Fruitless it will prove to be
To be the doom of you

An aftermath to rival the past
Gone but not devoid of life

Only one way to rid this disease
Complete and pure in its form
With surgical precision it all comes to end
It serves a necessary amend

An aftermath to rival the past
Gone but not devoid of life
One final breath of vile wrath
As it withers with the apocalypse

Grains of Reality | Back to top