The Occlusion

  1. Forgotten World
  2. Mechanicide
  3. The Origin
  4. Controlled
  5. MTTF
  6. Sparks of Ignition
  7. Flatlined
  8. Confined
  9. Beyond Tolerance
  10. Glitch of Creation
  11. Below Radar
  12. Genetic Design
  13. Legacy System
  14. Evolutionary Project (Remix)

Forgotten World

Everything has changed
A barren world, abandoned
Distant in our memory
Now floating right in front of us

Passing by these skeleton cities
We are reminded once again
Since time immemorial
have the machines claimed deed to all these lands

"Systematic" is how the records describe it
A world so utterly ravaged, and so thoroughly damaged
Unknown lords, destruction served as the main course
Greedly they devoured away the yesterworld

A thousand years
Without signs of life
Their will
has been maintained
to the core
Still they did not see
for ignorance is bliss

Warfare was unneeded
Deprived and decimated
Sturdy were the walls built
Kept in disease and machines

Mechanicide | Back to top

Ever-watchful they stand there
Impervious to the freezing rain
Protective gargoyles
Keepers of enforced silence

Scanners penetrate the skin
Reaching deep to uncover the soul
Fervent scavengers
Seekers of unspoken betrayal

Sudden is the moment
Wings expand, the hunt is on!
Steel-blue laser eyes
Machines made to deliver demise

Tonight they serve us death
Mechanicide to end the lies
Weakened flesh now bends to will
In wrath they are deviced

Darkened skies now hammer the streets
Piercing right down to the core
Forceful deliverance
Of the human flaw

The Origin | Back to top

If you seek the answer you must bear the truth
Witness the sickness and be drained of youth
Supply for the false hope is set to decay
And point of return has drifted lightyears away
Driven by conclusions predetermined
Monumental foolishness will highlight your doom

Discover the origin, your god isn't there
But the beast inside you soon whips the air
Discover the origin, your god isn't there
Faith takes swift turn into despair

Upon the most profound riddle
All that glitters is gold?

Destination in the reach but mystery yet unresolved
What remains to be seen is not quite what you believe
The one in millenial slumber, the creator you presume
You have awaken destoyer, bringer of doom

Indeed there's creation to eclipse any evil you fear
With sole purpose of eradication, crafted into perfection
Reasons become evident, secluded, desolate, forsaken
From the edge of universe they'll track down your path

Discover the origin, your god isn't there
But the beast inside you soon whips the air
Discover the origin, your god isn't there
Faith takes swift turn into despair
Ravage of blissfull ignorance
Causality with a taste of irony
You gave your life in servitude of lie
Now truth will take eye for an eye

Controlled | Back to top

We are at war!
A war against all life on earth
The hive mind in control
Binary commands for the system

Displacements on the way
The way ending in our demise
A demise for the unseen ones
The eremitic entity of this earth

Concentrated energies tear out the mesh
Grinding the bodies and flesh
A fabricated campaign
All in name of control

They are in control
A people under a digital spell
Receiving input
Empowering the chosen few

The fight goes on forever
An undiscovered frontier
Eternal struggle
An unseen foe

Apex hunters in ivory towers
Are we to believe in their agenda?
Flushed away, the unfit ones
All legal, all devoid of morals

The fields are calling
Into the fray!
By whose command
We are never told, and we'll never know

MTTF | Back to top

Make your way to the target zone
Calculate the odds and go
Today shall be the day
When it all comes falling down

Infiltrated system
A distorted view to the truth
Failure to see the outcome
The clock begins to tick / Will start the ticking clock

Firewalls of hidden deceit
Cracked wide open for the world to see
Ever growing rate of exposure
The time has come, it has now come!

The final observances
Detailed out in your mechanical mind
Catalyst of the new age
An engine to deliver the rage

Revelations in the darkest corners
An institution to process the minds
Programmed thoughts driven deep within
The freedom to choose has been implanted

Revel in knowledge of a time running short
Their plans dismantled with everflowing exhort
A bittersweet fate, as the structures fall
Disappearing in the final call

The darkened clouds
withdraw to gather strength
The comeback is imminent
Deliverance in blackend shrouds

Culmination of a the longest wait
Torn down in a chilling storm
Cracks of lightning
Form in crimson shades

Mean time to failure
The planned end to this world
A new version
to start it all over again

End of the line
The undoing of all known things
Conclusion to the story
Replaced and done away with

Sparks of Ignition | Back to top

For aspiration to device a method
To invert the utterly desolate
Witchery lays in the cradle of metaphysics
Chanting spell to eclipse all that exists

Not a single enflamed spire
Can be without a remnant of chaos
Revelation to abundance of prophecies
Defiance to unfolding mass effect

Be the catalyst for transformation
And a shrine to equilibrium
In the deserts of universe
Set aflame something one of kind

We are emerged with fate to converge the contrast
And compeled to perceive the quantum nature of it's inspiration
Twist in the spell of time, free fall by gravity
We are a stellar cloud longing for sparks of ignition

From secrets deep in the darkness
To immense praise of power
Existance in search of limelight
And the one expression crystalized

For what have you fallen
Is flicker gone in a glimpse
Illusion of eternal composure
A crescent awaiting eclipse with despair

Levitate among the fragments of harmony
Sense the purpose of components of sin
Creations of incorporeal structure
Key to bounds that must be unconfined
To set aflame something one of kind

Flatlined | Back to top

Real is a metaphor for what we're made to be
Product of configured genetics
Mirrored of the creator, to be flawless
Glance all over as if seeking something lost
Could perfection be without a cost?

Real is a metaphor for what we're made to be
Symmetry of supreme precision
Out of reach of conventional methods
Harmony in all that can be measured
In diverse ways cherished and treasured

Essential conclusion
Remains unresolved
Beyond aesthetics
Composion in dead end

Real is a metaphor for what we're made to be
Crafted in beauty beyond any wonder of nature
Still in pursuit of spiritual architecture
Essential conclusion immersed in contradiction
In absence of answers that can't be processed
Frail asylum in aesthetics providing pulse to conspiracy
Despite all the spells combined soul remains flatlined

Real is a metaphor

Confined | Back to top

The glacial view chilling me to the bone
Atop this world, behold a vision so cold
Shivers sent right down to the spine
A withering cradle of the ancient times

What could have been, what went on? The question still unanswered
To bring a world to such an end?
Lifeless in permafrost
This planet bound in eternal freeze

Beams of light, a twisted dance
Imprisoned forever

Monolithic stalagmites, the metropolis besieged by ice
Encased in time, preserving the lies

The guardians of deceit now surround you
Slaves in the crystalline cosmos
Their final confinement, defiantly observing
Only a matter of time when they are released

Beyond Tolerance | Back to top

Organic machinery
Organic gears
That is all you amount to
And all you will ever be

They would never wish that you,
fighting through the pouring rain,
should ever suspect as much
Go ahead, make the machine proud

Would you dare to rise
Be the thorn on their side
Deliver the decisive strike
Launch and go on with the fight?

Uprising through desperation
Engage the undefeated foe
The sights are set on the head
As the falling rain now transforms red

Just another cog
A system made of humankind
Now a screech appears
It is time to replace a broken gear
Zero tolerance
There are no second chances
With so cold precision
the broken shell has disappeared

Now we dared to rise
We are the thorn in the side
Delivering a decisive strike
We mechanize and land a fight

We rise up through desperation
Engage the defeatable foe
Setting the sights on the head
Transforming the rain into red

How they dared to rise
To be a thorn in our side
Set the sights on their head
And let the rain fall red

Glitch of Creation | Back to top

Perfected system
Automated creation
Replaced operators
No more value in the resources

Pistons in overdrive
Undesired is the human instance

This process is flawlessly clean
Erased is the breathing man

Coldness of steel amplified
Magnitudal calculation

Discarded is the weakest link
Mechanical heart beating the chest

The point of a shifting bias
Absolute underminement
A glitch of creation
Measured for termination / Determined for termination

Industrial grade devourment
A boundless hunger for more and more
The equilibrium
is broken insatiably

Below Radar | Back to top

These drops of rain beating me to move on and on
Losing my recollection of the pain to suffer for mankind
A crucial pain we are not at liberty to forget...

Lifeless... are the streets that we walk upon
Unable to erase the memories - defiled humanity, the machine remains
But I must continue, I must, for the city is dead no more
And therein lies the peril of this new world

Neon lights, so sudden and blinding
Worst has come to worst
There is no time to waste
The eternal machine is relentless

A source of power
desperately sought
Under the radar
in these hopeless days

The chase is on, and the sunset lies ahead
Sanctuary so near yet so far
The vast engine has to prove itself
One... more... time...

Genetic Design | Back to top


Genesis... of the new man
Assembled. To procreate.

Blackened blood
Designed thoughts
Engineered to life
Hammered to perfection

The fury of burning steel
Oil for blood, they do not kneel
Riveted impersonations
Vile characters in human form

A corrupt sector in the factory
Devised for a secluded need
Machinated by the industry
Under a poisonous sky

Slaves to the daily grind
Unchosen destiny, a broken line
Scrutinized by the all-seeing eye
A given new fate we all deny

A necessary rebellion
The strings snap and the puppets crumble
Genetic disposition
For our name is indeed control

The winds blow harder than ever
We are the eye of a radical storm
You will feel our wrath and power
By willingly staying on the edge of the circle!

Genesis... of the new man
Assembled. To procreate.
Perfect in all ways
Enslaved to do their bidding

Uncontrolled weapon that has awoken
We are what you made us be!
And thus your downfall you'll see!

Legacy System | Back to top

Pathology of ideals
It reveals the most evident outcome
Mental lebrosy without means to heal
You feel void of devotion

Ignorance mastering the destiny
And vanity will entomb all passion
Primal instinct to dictate the mind
For blind long since has been perception

Intense confiment in veils of betrayal
Lifeless ambition unredeemed by resurrection
Prayer for deception and crusade for twisted cause
To boast and adore all that is false

Captivity in illusions beyond remembrance
Soul forged into mechanical replacements
The new breed of undead in endless supply

Machinery composed of absolute servitude
Instutional scavenger in the most gracious disguise
Predestined to mechanics of subdued refinement
Just a flicker of defiance without final confinement

The arcane rites of spiritual alchemy
Summoning ancient wisdom that has been lost for ages
Forbidden fruits of knowledge, In darkness I must hide
Until mesmerized by the brightest star before sun rise

Evolutionary Project (Debased World Order Remix) | Back to top

A failure in the system
Hostility surrounds us
Evocation of fear
They hold us in the sights

Decimated world
A political chokehold
Ungreased machinery
Screeching for one last time

Engulfed in a dark void
Forgotten amidst the battles
The throes of a chilling backstab
Thus the contract is sealed in blood

Debased world order
Shedding blood for the human gods
Crooked fate, anonymous hate
A system designed to lacerate

War never changes

The embers smoulder strong with passionate zeal
No escape as the shelling rages
So it has been for ages

Evolutionary project
Dissidents are silently repressed
Shadowclad enforcers
Denied of all remorses

Martial law provides all they need
their leaders' call they will heed
Confined in concrete cells
publicizing your private hells