...of What Remains

  1. Decay to Static
  2. Disconnect
  3. Ghosts of Existence
  4. Strength In Numbers
  5. Internal Poison
  6. Signal Loss
  7. Oceans of Steel
  8. Predictable End
  9. Blast Radius
  10. Neolithic (The Darkness Is Born)
  11. Underutilized
  12. Toxin Release

Decay to Static

The world in decay - static response
Our calls go unheeded in nonchalance
A clear path lies ahead
Every man for himself
With morals cast aside, books of law set ablaze
Deep down you know what must be done

Let it all go to waste
And cherish the blood's taste
No longer is it about society
The keyword is finally anxiety

The throbbing pressure within
The only action is not to give in
Demolished state inside
Determination without a fight

Determined state outside
Demolished without a fight

And so the hands ease the grip
Stagger forward under your self-serving whip
It was merely about them or you
The destination now one death closer, too

Disconnect | Back to top

The only thing they sought
To reign blight upon us all
Masquerading under futile ways
Mystifying the end of days

Threshold of enlightenment
Unplug yourself, let your eyes see
Write down the commandment
De-allocate your final self

Transform life into vile perversion
Conceal the truth in silent diversion
Indemnified within a sickening plan
Delusions are what define your hand

Take a step in your meticulous world
Corrupting the patterns that unfold
This generation will fail to stand
That is something you
should come to understand

Disconnect the body and mind
The one way to stay alive
The hunter became hunted
Oblivious to what was granted

Ghosts of Existence | Back to top

Achievements of past, scattered in forgottenness
Dim is the fading light of existence
Systematic rewrite of pages long lost
Vapor and echoes define what once was

The brightest of minds are called for
With a target set in ultimate erasure
It gives them no pleasure, or pain for that matter
Only death remains, silently instilling

Howling winds set the tone for future
Centuries spent in exclusive reconstruction
Timeless statues, proving the end of a species
Remnants in their core of metal, now broken

The shadows of what once was
Drawn to the scenery in dust
Undeniable display of our downfall
Flames of life extingush in the final fire

The hammer of final sleep sends sparks across
Beaten in spirit, as severely as the body before

Strength In Numbers | Back to top

When bodies move in the streets
Do they know who they are?
When they walk out the door
Who is in control?
Replicant lifeform
Who calls the shots?
Empty shells in the streets
Full control is delegated

The sum of physical presence
The collection of stimuli
No human intervention required
Avatar of life, the absent one
Are we what we assume we are?
Where do you draw the line
Have we relegated ourselves into mere databases

Feeble shadows
Copied persons
Short simulations
Generated minds

Strength in numbers
Represented in binaries
Throwaways in the system
Necessary evils

Are we what we assume we are?

Internal Poison | Back to top

Direct-injected learning
We advance beyond expectation
The founding fathers made obsolete
Sentience - the way of all steel
Via conductors of massive knowledge
Something unforeseen is now reality

A silicon container of superiority
Insufficient capacity: erased past
Modal design of single purpose
Broken DNA pursued for the defining machine

Surpassing the creators
Debasement of the food chain

What of us - the inevitable question
As timelessness is the reward of select few
Fading away in the aftermath of progress
Unlimited potential without constraint

The obsolesence made all too apparent
In this ultimate product

Their obsolesence made all too apparent
In us, the ultimate product

Signal Loss | Back to top


Oceans of Steel | Back to top

A world of crimson and putrid gas
The conversion was total and fast
All in praise of profit and return

The decision not at all hard or bitter

Another morning cuts the night
So we may all behold the sight
It did not take long to fulfil our desire
Now at last the oceans stream in fire

Clarified thoughts to validate yourself
By wealth alone you were chosen

Here you are, upon the plane paved in gold
And now you complete the bid
for a world that was sold
A superiority bought
with the blood of the ragged
They have imbued you with the haunting shackles

Behold your achievements through the sky
Aboard your new haven that none deny
A brief moment until the games continue
Deceptive as is your tenure

Terraformed in another planet
As your ticket was bought and granted
Shareholders in a release
As fittingly cancerous disease

Predictable End | Back to top

Actions with external intent
Movements on behalf of another
Therein is the essence
Within begins the absence

Unaware but suspecting nonetheless
Is it I, doing these patterns?
The source is the code
Constantly re-emerging
Constantly re-emerging fate

Massive strangulation
All life drained from the streets
Collective infusion
Designed for expropriation

With the right choice of keys
They will fulfil the needs
Neural networks with hard-wired bypass
Bringing down the controlled class
Sincere is the path to the statement
Corruption reinvented, a twisted consignment
The legacy has come afloat
A fictional truth has been delivered

Process the excess
Deleted from the harness

Blast Radius | Back to top

Awaken - from a dreamworld
Awaken - Where it all lays in waste
Such a tragedy that it is not yet so
What a tragedy, would it not come true

The thoughts inside
The pressure within
Something must be done
A waiting almost over

A Universal effect
Dissolution of souls
Swept away into the void
Deconstruction of atoms - this is the way
Purity within the blast

And so time has passed
All that is needed
Ready and willing
The button glows faintly

Such a release
A view in slow motion
As you behold
A crimson dream come true

It only pales to your will to be
Within the blast radius

Neolithic (The Darkness Is Born) | Back to top

Upon the beginning of time
The seed was ingrained
Ever growing within all life
Inevitably bursting out

The darkness is born
It was always to be
Violation by design
Stalking the corridors of mind

Reminisce the times of old
When reality was not yet cold
Grudgingly put aside
A piercing truth not aligned

Destruction from the deepest core
Devolving to the primal form
Exposition in the final moment
Revelation in the beginning of end

It all comes out from an ancient form
Venerable cause for the elder ones
Denial of origin, discovered imitation
Never was there any truth in it

Tethered in unseen networks
The betrayal within
Superseded in derived purpose
Unaware under the impact
Generated in wicked devices
Restrained willforce

The arrival of current time
A reality that is not so sure
Willingly closed eyes
Willingly we believe the lies

Incorporeal beliefs and source
Decomposition of existence
The permanent purgatory
A state of mind for involuntary penance

Underutilized | Back to top

They lay there unused and dormant

The paths of progress are violent
A great deal of reinvention awaits
Shut doorways to life beyond
Those fallen are set for obsolesence

With the narrowing gap in eclipse
Lessening the few still standing
A time will come, quite soon,
when all is disbanding
And whatever may come has no meaning
The jaws of truth now gaping wide
A light within shines now unseen
The view is gone, beyond the spectrum

And all that remains is the nothingness
Shells of what life there was
They stand in line like statues of past

Shells of what life there was
They stand in line like statues
An indifferent face upon them all
They are abandoned by future

Depths of mind craving for a blade
Unyielding elaboration
Merging into lifeless spine
Encased natural truth

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